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Yoshiko Kidd, Instructor

Bridge to Japan provides both Japanese cross-cultural training and Japanese language instruction.

Cross-Cultural Training

Bridge to Japan instructor Yoshiko Kidd provides a three-hour seminar entitled “How To Be a Hit in Japan.” This seminar covers a variety of practical and useful topics for people conducting business in Japan. Attendees receive Yoshiko’s original materials, including vocabulary lists, phrases and easy etiquette guides. In addition, Yoshiko supplements her talks with brief videos, which allow the seminar attendees to gain a better understanding of Japanese business etiquette and customs by seeing them in action. The seminar covers the following topics:

Japanese Language Instruction

Bridge to Japan offers all levels of Japanese language instruction, from beginning students who have never taken Japanese, to advanced students who wish to extend and deepen their knowledge and mastery. This instruction features:


Current and previous clients of Bridge to Japan's cross-cultural and language instruction include:


Yoshiko Kidd, instructor

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